Netpiper 2way SMS is a perfect channel where SMS platform is targeted for two way communication for users in UAE, GCC & the MENA region thus providing a reliable instantaneously recognizable channel for companies to execute their campaigns. Out 2way SMS runs on state of the art proprietary, end to end platform connecting IT and mobile operators. As for SMS campaigns using keywords and numbers, our smart automation allows setting up of auto responses for 2 way sms campaigns

Better Reach to Customers

2way SMS allows you to interact more with your audience as it enables you to communicate with your customers en masse, and can respond on the go.


Our world class 2way SMS software is very easy to use and can be accessed effortlessly on the go. 2way SMS is cost effective and extremely reliable.

Intelligent Reports

Our 2way SMS is backed by intelligent reporting module. Reports can be analyzed to measure campaign effectiveness & assess costs as well.

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  • Ensuring Customer Loyalty by continuously engaging them to interact with you – SMS Opinion Polls, SMS Contests, SMS Voting, SMS Chats etc, Registration Services.
  • Information on hand at once a query is sent – SMS Subscription Services.
  • Reservation Services – Hotel Bookings, Facility Bookings and Extension Services, Appointment Reminders and Confirmation, Restaurant Orders.
  • Entertainment Services - Keyword based quizzing, Interactive chats, Radio and TV SMS services.
2way sms screen
2way sms

2WAY SMS areas of application:

  • Financial Services & Insurance Industry.
  • Announcements & Service Reminders.
  • Restaurants, Entertainment and Hospitality Industry.
  • Automobile Industry.

This service allows you to interact more with your audience as it enables you to create contests and surveys, and compile customer feedback. This way, you get to communicate with your customers en masse, and it's so easy for them as they can respond on the go from their mobile phones!

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